Work With Me

Product Review, Giveaways, Guest Blogging, Recipe Collaboration
Do you think our brands go well together, and you have an awesome vegan-friendly product you’d like me to try? I am happy to work together to provide honest product reviews, do up a guest blog for you, or even collaborate on a recipe using one of your products as an ingredient! I also love to host Giveaways on social media for my followers!

In the past, I have collaborated with folks such as Whole Foods, Earth Balance, So Delicious, Bare English & Co., Cococo Chocaltiers (Bernard Callebaut), A Healthy Surprise, among others.

If you think  we’d work together nicely, let’s do the thing! Contact me at to get the ball rolling.

Businesses, organizations, and festivals looking to tighten up their “vegan options” game for patrons, in need of a little guidance…
Are you a new or established business looking to provide your patrons with the best possible vegan options you can offer? I am here to help!
What I can offer is:

  • Combing through and tweaking existing menu items to make them available to vegan customers or those with certain allergies. This can be done over a few cups of coffee, or in your kitchen.
  • Developing new recipes with you and/or your staff that suit the vibe of your existing menu while meeting the needs of your clientele.
  • Assistance with social media outreach in order to reach the desired demographic.

I am available locally in Edmonton, and also make monthly trips to Calgary. I am open to consulting via Skype correspondence as well if you’re not local but think we would work together! I am open to travel opportunities if Skype doesn’t quite cut it; but typically would ask to be compensated for any travel expenses. Please consult with me at Each situation is unique, and upon hearing your needs I will be able to build a custom quote.


Sarah, feed us! 
If you are in Edmonton and want me to cater your event or bake you some rad cupcakes, you’ll have to check out my website over at, or email me at! I am unable to take orders via The Cozy Vegan.

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