Meet Sarah Louise

The origins of Sarah Louise’s culinary mischief can be traced back to rural Alberta, where plant-based options were scarce growing up. Experimenting with vegetarianism from childhood, and vegan since 2004, she first got into cooking whilst adapting some old family recipes. By the time she took her first job in her folks’ 24 hour truckstop diner, no one was ever the wiser when served her vegan cinnamon rolls and pies.

Sarah’s cooking style is heavily influenced by nostalgia for classic comfort foods, travelling other cities seeking the best vegan options, and learning from the pals she makes along the way. Trial and error, plus pop-punk dance parties, make for her ideal day in the kitchen (and it gets messy!)

With a DIY approach to cooking, she aims to make food accessible and fun for anyone eager to learn. But, food isn’t the only fun part of the vegan lifestyle! When Sarah is not posting recipes on The Cozy Vegan, expect to find suggestions for fantastic vegan options in any place she travels, awesome vegan friendly & environmentally conscious businesses to support, and helpful tips for living the most compassionate lifestyle possible!

Sarah has also operated a small vegan baking & catering business in Edmonton since summer 2014, Blue Rose Baking Co. Rumor has it her treats slay the hearts of even the staunchest omnivores, so track her treats down if you’re ever in Edmonton! She is also the co-founder of Edmonton’s only vegan snack box, YEG SNACKS. On her spare time, Sarah can be found blogging here, tromping around in the trees with her rescue dog Xena, or more likely, watching The X-Files!


  1. Thank you – I appreciate that! Celeste 🙂

  2. thecozyvegan says:

    You have no idea how much that melts my heart! I look forward to reading your blog darlin 🙂

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